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You can knit happiness ...

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Maria  Del Mar  Valero


Master in Social Work

Tapestry hand weaver

Maria Portrait neu[1].jpg

Maria Del Mar 


Master in Sozialer Arbeit 



Tanja Saidi



.... that's what we say and for this reason we have a large assortment of organically produced wool and noble fibers, that stimulate the senses, for you.


We are constantly on the lookout for beautiful, high quality and fairly produced wool so that knitting happiness begins with production and the producers.


We are happy to provide expert advice on the selection of wool for your next knitting project and help with minor (knitting) problems.


We work with suppliers who provide transparency about the wool production chain. Many of our suppliers support projects in India, South America or Africa. In this way we ensure that the production conditions are fair and social for people and animals.


We also pay attention to fair wages in the production of clothing and accessories.


The MariMar Strick Café is  Member of

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