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On this page you will find useful tips and links about the

Knitting and crocheting theme

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Wool search - wool substitute  

Who doesn't know that: in a book or on the WeltWeitenNetz we find a model that we like so much that we'd like to repeat it, but  do not get the wool for it - or it consists of fibers that I would rather not wear ... what to do?

We have found a page that gives you the opportunity to find a suitable replacement  Looking for:

The world of models, instructions and good ideas

Are you looking for inspiration for your next project? Specific instructions for your favorite wool? Or simply THE instructions!

Then give it a try

Log in and the paradise of knitting / crochet enthusiasts will open ...

                                                          .....Open Sesame !!!!

Aquarell-Pinsel 15
Aquarell-Pinsel 18


With the kind permission of "Maschentext", here is a link with which instructions and pieces of knitting can be converted quickly and easily with a new stitch sample.



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